INSIDE//OUT: The Capitol Dome / by Mark Andre

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to tour the Capitol Dome. Taking the trip up to the top and seeing the panoramic views of Washington, DC from its heart is simply amazing. Scroll all the way down for the 360 image from the top. 

As you work your way up from the Crypt, you navigate a series of Members-only staircases and passageways. 

The gap between the masonry wall of the original dome and the extents of the newer, extended dome.

Midway up the dome you get a full sense of the 180-foot height of the dome and rotunda.

The iron double structure is a sight to be seen. A sunny day makes it all the more special.

Standing at the top. The Apotheosis of George Washington takes on a new life when seen up close. 

Moving up to the tip top reveals all of the coffers from behind. 

Stepping out onto the final and highest platform provides views of all the genius of the L'Enfant Plan for the city. 

The panoramic views from west to south. The Mall, Union Station, the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and South Capitol Stree towards Nats Stadium.