Drama on the Brooklyn Bridge / by Mark Andre

For all the times I've been to New York City I rarely play tourist. So often the quick day trips for work never give me anytime to see the sights. Over Labor Day Weekend, Heather and I took spent 4 days playing tourist. Seeing the sights and getting a better feel for the city. 

One of the highlights was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. After the whole day had been grey and rainy, we noticed the clouds beginning to break and headed for the Bridge. 

The layered clouds created some amazing skies as the sun began to set. Fighting all the tourists a bicyclists on the bridge was one challenge, but the other was not getting lost in the scene. It was so amazingly gorgeous that I just wanted to stand and watch. 

After catching the photos above, we hurried to the Brooklyn side to catch the last vestiges of sunset from the Brooklyn waterfront. 

For the first shot, I broke out the tripod and 10-Stop ND filter to really soften the clouds and water. Due to some construction at the base of the bridge, we couldn't get to the spot I wanted and the light was fading quite fast. 

The second composition I thought was much more successful. Just as the light was dying away, brilliant oranges and blues took over the sky. By this point it was dark enough that I put on a 5-Stop ND filter with a 3-Stop ND Graduated Filter. Once I got back home I couldn't have been happier with the results.