Stormy Beach Weekend / by Mark Andre

A couple weekends ago I was out in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. There was a massive coastal low pressure system that hung around all weekend creating some mammoth surf and angry skies. 

Beachgoers braving the wind, rain and surf

While it wasn't the most picturesque beach weekend, it did challenge me to get outside of my comfort zone and work for the photos. 

Waves crashing along one of the Jetties

Watching all the seafoam roll up the beach in the wind

Going for long shots with my 70-200 gave the beach scenes some really great depth while still getting a sense of space and scale. 

Stormy Sunrises

Once the rain died down I was able to get the tripod and filters out to do some long exposure shots with water swirling around the Jetties. 

Getting some sunrise color on the last day